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Brief background:
In 2011-12 some bright young academics (long harassed by their Institutes), and being highly impressed by the national India Against Corruption andolan, approached "Team-Anna" with their grievances and complaints of academic misconduct, sexual harassment, rampant plagiarism, unethical research  practices etc.

Despite their national preoccupations, Annaji's team set up a small task force under "Right to Education" which found that the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) was especially plagued by such misconduct, and in fact there existed a "gang" of a few persons there especially notorious for such unethical activities and especially for fake / "paid" / plagiarised research. Eventually, the initiative (styled as Ethical Research Network "ERNET") by persons closely associated with IIM-Ahmedabad embarked to systematically collate their evidence to place before the Institute authorities (naively expecting they would get justice).

At that time, the IIM-A "plagiarism mafia" apparently (and I say this because the matter is still being investigated by police and pending in the High Court) retaliated by fabricating a series of fake / forged emails supposedly sent to/from the official Institute email accounts of a few persons who were highly inconvenient to the IIMA administration.  

Present Status:

We are informed that due to Annaji's intense pre-occupation with cleansing India of corrupt parties who have betrayed the people, and also his hectic tour schedule, ERNET requested that the present India Against Corruption be also associated with their struggle.

Considering certain interesting aspects to the case (which cannot be publicly disclosed today) the IAC had acceded to their request and accordingly on 13-Oct-2013, and thereafter,  the IAC also booked the domain names of "IIMAHD- ERNET" to make it easier for the larger public to access ERNET's struggle against a very few persons in an insensitive Institute where human rights and decency has been given the go-by, and where the female faculty and staff are the victims of sexual predators (faculty wolves) with nowhere to turn to for justice.

That from 03.Nov.2013 (Diwali day) the ERNET struggle at IIM Ahmedabad is supported by the India Against Corruption andolan, and so that ERNET's model may be replicated in similar academic institutions all over India - with a focus on the Management and Scientific Institutes of national importance, and so that their common primary purpose "Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya" may be achieved in the national interest and such Institutes are the brightest stars in our national firmament.

With best wishes of IAC to all members and their family for the festival of light. Shubh Deepavali and greetings to all, and let there be peace, joy (and effective governments) in the coming year.

Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor,
India Against Corruption, jan andolan


Court's clean chit to former professor
TNN | Mar 21, 2014, 02.37AM IST

AHMEDABAD: A magisterial court has given clean chit to a former faculty member of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), who was accused of sending offensive emails to the institute community.

In 2012, Rajanish Dass was accused of sending offensive mails to the then director Prof Samir Barua and others. Dass had resigned from the institute following these charges in April 2012.

After he left IIM-A, Dass has started his own management consulting firm and also teaches as an adjunct faculty at IIM Udaipur.

After the criminal court cleared him of the charges leveled against him by the institute, Dass has written to the present director Prof Ashish Nanda, requesting reinstatement and reimbursement for legal expenses.

"As on date no such charges are pending against me and I am held discharged of all such charges as being made at the time. As I have come clean, I look forward to working with IIM-A again," said Dass.

"I have requested the institute to pay my terminal dues and also reimburse the legal expenses," said Dass.

IIM-A director Ashish Nanda said: "We have received a letter but I have to go through the issues referred to in the letter in detail since I was not here at that time. We have to consult our lawyers and interpret any court ruling before commenting."

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